Network Densification

5G will enable a new era of mobile Internet of Everything (IoE), with its lower latency and faster speeds. Network Densification is the key to the successful deployment of 5G. Densification solutions should not only provide greater coverage and capacity but also enable carriers to maximize spectral efficiency & reduce deployment time.

Small Cell Services

Services we offer include

  • Small Cell Equipment Installation
  • Pole Setting Services
  • Hyrovac Services
  • Boring Services
  • ROW Permitting
  • Electrical Installation Services

Distributed Antenna (DAS) Services

Our capabilities include end-to-end DAS solutions. Distributed antenna system is proven solution to address in-building cellular coverage and capacity for all wireless carriers. We can provide its customers with DAS design, installation, project management, and commissioning services. We can be your trusted partner for DAS implementation whether it is an office building or a Stadium, we can scale our services to meet your needs.


  • Engineer, install, commission and optimize DAS equipment
  • Level I, II and III iBwave and RANPLAN design engineers
  • Design, install and commission head-end rooms
  • Remote install and commission DAS
  • Install , test DAS cabling and cabling support
  • Install , test fiber and hybrid fiber.
  • Pre and Post Coverage Evaluation


Benefits of C-RAN (Cloud RAN or Centralized RAN) include improved performance due to the ability to coordinate between cells, and cost reductions as a result of pooling resources. The Cloud RAN concept has generally been applied to outdoor macro-cells. However, it can also be applied to small cells that provide distributed coverage across large building/venues.

  • Improves wireless user experience
  • Adds capacity without interference via cell virtualization
  • Simplifies capacity planning and upgrades
  • Reduces macro network interference
  • Reduces deployment costs
  • Provides a future-ready solution

In centralized radio access networks (CRAN), the antenna sites are simplified with Remote Radio Heads (RRH) with no base-band processing, in opposite to the distributed RAN (DRAN). This allows CRAN to achieve easier installation of small RRH, also allowing to reduce the overall base-band processing resources due to the statistical gain of centralization. When considering 4G/5G scenarios DRAN might be more cost-effective scalable solution due to demand of transport resources to deliver the signals from the RRH to Base-Band Unit (BBU), where the front hauling signals are processed. The support of DRAN services by the fixed fiber network seems a feasible and cost-effective approach for fixed-wireless convergence.


Heterogeneous Network

The tremendous acceleration in data traffic that is being driven by the proliferation of smartphones and cellular attached tablets and laptops is beginning to overwhelm mobile networks. Operators are looking at a variety of different options to address the network capacity challenge in a cost-effective manner. The most compelling option involves the use of heterogeneous networks made up of Wi-Fi and small cell technologies.

These HetNets can greatly increase capacity in network hotspots, which are usually located around airports, convention centers, train stations, downtown metro areas, stadiums, etc. They increase capacity through very high spectral reuse. In all other parts of the network, the normal macro cellular infrastructure enhanced with LTE can usually be counted on to do the job. The design principles in macro cellular networks are well known, but how do things change when designing for density? High spectral reuse involves deploying large numbers of small radios near each other. There are a host of issues that must be addressed if these deployments are to be successful.


  • Familiarity with Challenges of HetNets Planning
  • Access Point Placement
  • Interference Mitigation
  • Citywide Wi-Fi design
  • Surveys , design for indoor venues
  • Post launch Multivendor venue optimization
  • Wi-Fi network design for venues/events